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    Mastering is the final step in preparing audio files. This is the process that makes the final overall EQ adjustments, compression, and overall audio level.

    Mastering is the distinguishing characteristic between professional and non professional audio recordings.

    Mastering rates are $35 dollars per hour, which includes complete processing along with 2 copies of your CD master and a master cue sheet that details all your data for future duplication projects.

    Contact me to discuss your mastering project.



    If you have any old cassette tapes that need to be converted, I offer affortable cassette transfer services.

    Tape Transfers are $20 per hour. This includes audio level adjustment and noise correction. Transfered material can be delivered in audio CD format, DATA disc, or sent directly over the web. Contact me to get your transfer job started.



    If you have any old recordings or audio files with crackle, buzzing, or just simply too much background noise there are ways to improve this. Contact me to get a portion of your audio file corrected so you can hear the difference.