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    The Be Good Tanyas

    The Be Good Tanyas with special guest Phil Cook. 

    11-11-2012 @ Old Town School of Folk Music.

    Frazey Ford (guitar, vocals), Samantha Parton (guitar, mandolin, banjo, vocals), Trish Klein (guitar, banjo, vocals)

    Phil Cook opened up for The Be Good Tanyas and what a lucky, lucky guy.  He mentioned between songs that the Be Good Tanyas “Blue Horse” was the cd that got stuck in the cd player of his first car. His best friend’s father rigged up a cd player in the car and of all cds to get stuck it was that one.   I thoroughly enjoyed his set … he played us some of his songs that are folksy and bluesy and his opening song was instrumental with harmonica.  He also played a Washington Phillips song.  The Be Good Tanyas cover Washington Phillips on the album Hello Love … “what are they doing in heaven today”  He was a good choice for the opener and even later joins them on a couple of songs.

    When the three beautiful ladies that make up the Be Good Tanyas took the stage they were pretty quiet and getting situated. (Mark Beaty on upright bass and John Raham joined on drums.)  It didn’t take them long to mention the awkwardness they typically have at live shows.  Trish mentioned that English don’t clap till the entire show is over & it added to the quiet & weirdo awkwardness. Luckily they were in Chicago at the old town school of folk so quiet awkwardness is not completely out of the ordinary.

    Once each song began the Be Good Tanya’s enveloped the listeners in a warm musical blanket.

    I can’t help but think that when Frazey Ford sings the third song into the set “Ootischenia”  “the constellation of my sisters and brothers” she is thinking about her band mates.  Frazey tells us that her family settled in a little town called Ootischenia, her father was an American draft dodger and the family moved in with like-minded pacifists… this song is about her childhood home.

    Trish Klein modest with her head down most of the night…  hit her head twice on the mic, both times bending down to get her beverage & audience giggled a bit - I think she cracked a smile, but overall Trish seemed focused on the music and not the small talk. She really is the musical glue of the band which I didn’t realize until seeing them play in person.  Trish plays guitar, banjo and contributes to the vocal harmonies on every song.  

    Sam Parton was in a car accidently recently and the ladies talked about having to cancel some shows, but Sam is back in business with some Tylenol 3 and a massage.  It sounded like Sam invited a new friend/massage therapist named Diane to the show. She also joked that her doctor asked if she could play after taking Tylenol 3 and she joked this is rock & roll baby , of course! Ha.  Sam has the softest most delicate voice of the 3 gals, however she seemed the one quickest to make a joke or small talk on mic.  She joked people have commented on her mandolin style and that its unique, apparently she is self-taught. She said she would be happy to live in old town school of folk and maybe even teach a class one day called “how to fake it on mandolin”

    Set list

    #1. In Spite of All The Damage  China town

    #2 In My Time of Dying  China town

    #3 Ootischenia Hello love

    #4 Midnight Moonlight China town

    #5 Scatter Leaves Hello love

    #6  ______   don’t know the quick song

    Love you when I’m able / love you when I can

    #7 Junkie Song  Chinatown

    #8 September Field  New unreleased song!

    #9 Only in the past Blue Horse

    #10 Waiting Around to Die  Chinatown

    #11 Human Thing  Hello Love

    #12 Dogsong (Sleep Dog Lullaby) Blue Horse

    #13 Littlest Birds Blue Horse

    #14 For The Turnstiles (Neil Young?)  Hello Love


    #15 Lakes of Ponchartrain   Blue Horse

    #16 Ship out on the Sea  Chinatown

    //Jolie Holland is an American singer and performer who combines elements of folk, traditional, country, rock, jazz, and blues. She was one of the founding members of The Be Good Tanyas.//

    Photos: Marlon Aguilar Words: Kori Simonson