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    I've worked with Marlon a few times now. First I made two different sets of demos with him, and then recorded an EP with my band Lindsay & The Shimmies. These positive experiences led me to work with him on the biggest recording project I've done, a 13-track multi-layered album of my own songs, with everything from piano to guitar to drums to horns to strings to marimba.

    You know you are in good hands when you are recording with Marlon. His equipment is top-notch, and he covers all of his bases to make sure there are no flukes or mistakes due to anything malfunctioning. His purple recording space is lovely and comfortable, and he knows how to set things up correctly for all kinds of instruments. We recorded piano at an alternate location where he brought a great portable setup, and he recommended a different venue for vocal takes so that we'd get the ideal sound to match the feel of the album. He was patient and nonjudgmental on days when I just couldn't get a good take, and super supportive and encouraging whenever I nailed it. Once everything is recorded, Marlon gets very excited about mixing and spends the time to tweak every last detail, listening through different speakers and in different ways to ensure a well-rounded final product. He is a great problem solver. He is open to suggestions and also has good instincts, making recommendations when he's got them. He often presented me with multiple options so that I could decide what I liked best. I can't say enough about Marlon's dedication to a project and his desire to end with a high-quality product.

    Communicating with Marlon is easy and efficient, and he is considerate and organized. This is not true of all artists and it makes all the difference in the world. He is friendly, funny, and couldn't be nicer. He's also got one of the finest TV trays in town.

    In the end, my album sounds AMAZING and I am completely satisfied with every second of every track. It was fun to work on at all stages of the process, professional yet affordable, comfortable yet high quality. What could be better?

    May 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLindsay Weinberg